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Smart Eco System

In natural sciences, “ecosystem” stands for the whole of animated and unanimated elements being a certain life environment. This term was adapted for the needs of informational society where it means a connections’ network between particular entities: research and development facilities, entrepreneurs, investors and advisory-auditory organizations. The most relevant element of the informational ecosystem is the free and safe data flow between the interested parties. The ecosystems come in many a form: centralized, sequence or moderated and can be devoted to exchange of various technological information: economic, communicational or medical.

The ambition of the Medicine of the Future Cluster is to create a complex information and medical technology exchange ecosystem based on safe information transfer between the entities. The ecosystem suggested by the Cluster is to be an Internet platform being a kind of “Facebook for technology” and to ensure free contact between all the companies interested in action on medical innovations’ market. Any enterprise will be able to make a presentation of its goals, technologies and achievements. Upon seeing a company’s profile, people interested in undertaking cooperation with it will get access to necessary contact details. The clearness of the medical ecosystem technology is conditioning its safety – any entrepreneur decides himself how much information he is to show to the public. Moreover, the platform will be equipped with a system of permissions – unlogged users will have access only to selected part of information; a full set of data will be available only for business partners interested in cooperation.

Klaster Medycyna Przyszłości


Medicine of the Future Cluster



W celu wspierania rozwoju metod telemedycznych podejmujemy działania w następujących dziedzinach:


Tworzymy nowoczesne systemy informatyczne wspierające zarządzanie i świadczenie usług zdrowotnych, a także promujemy wdrażanie narzędzi do monitorowania stanu zdrowia.


Wspieramy członków Klastra w zakresie rozwoju, wdrażania i promowania ich rozwiązań oraz realizacji wspólnych przedsięwzięć i projektów na poziomie światowym.


Dążymy do wspólnego tworzenia bazy produktów i ofert związanych z usługami medycznymi oraz do nawiązywania współpracy z uznanymi podmiotami zagranicznymi.


Promujemy świadomość zdrowotną poprzez tworzenie i promowanie programów profilaktyki chorób nowotworowych.


To support the development of telemedicine methods, we take actions in the following areas:


We create modern informational systems supporting management and healthcare services, and we also promote tools implementation for health condition monitoring.


We support all Members of our Cluster in terms of development, implementation and promotion of their solutions, realization of common enterprises and projects on a global scale.


We pursue to create a database of products and offers related to medical services. We also work on cooperation with recognized foreign entities.


We promote health consciousness through creation and promotion of cancer prevention programmes.