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The GreenMED application works within the GreenCloud system – an innovative cloud system application. The applications work on its basis. The cloud communicates with the registered devices data stored in the GreenDevices cloud. The data accessing is performed through the personal GreenID account, which gives the user possibility of using many user applications – personal or business ones.


The very axis of the entire system is GreenCloud. It is a modern application layout dedicated to the use of application for a huge number of users. GreenCloud is a communication and management layout. The data are stored in a separated cloud working within the layout. What is more, GreenCloud is equipped with a number of solutions ensuring information safety, such as sensitive data redundancy, access control through developed authorization and authentication systems as well as communication encoding.

GreenCloud is characterized with almost unlimited possibilities of development. Apart from a number of useful applications available “in set” with the account enabling use of the cloud, there is a possibility of elaborating authorial programs in accordance with the GreenCloud standard. Upon setting technical specification, the developer prepares the application. Such a program becomes almost immediately available for the system’s users.

Among the possibilities given by the GreenCloud there are free management servers and cloud applications. The applications work in a dispersed structure, which enables their work within many instances on many servers. The access of particular users to the resources may also be controlled. The GreenCloud system is systematically developed and updated.

The cloud’s resources are for exchange and co-sharing of the information between the applications and nodes. GreenCloud allows management of a cloud’s resources and access control of the users to the resources through information sharing only to authorized accounts.



GreenDevices is a cloud dealing with servicing of recently registered in GreenID. The cloud is set for data receiving from many devices. It works with many communication binary or text protocols – furthermore, there is a possibility of continuous addition of new standards. Some of the devices suggested by GreenPL are combined with GreenDevices automatically, while others require simple registration by the user. The controllers for the exterior producer’s hardware can be easily added to the cloud, also in a way of establishing cooperation with the producer.
The system works with two kinds of devices: external and dedicated. External devices are such as telemetric, alarm and medical sensors. In case of external hardware synchronization, it is required to make sure if its controller is in the GreenDevices base. Dedicated devices are fully integrated with the GreenCloud services from the very moment of their purchase. Integration of the devices with the cloud can made through ‘repeaters’ which receive data locally from the devices and send them to the cloud.



GreenID is an innovative, personalized account allowing easy collection, access and data management. Each user of the suggested by GreenPL system has a personal account at their disposal, subscribed to which is a number of applications and devices. It is the GreenID where devices working in the GreenDevices cloud are added and it is from its level where the Client has access to the GreenCloud system’s applications.

GreenID gives the user an opportunity of reviewing their data from any mobile device. The files are stored in a cloud. In order to ensure safety of files and applications use, the system is optimized for keeping the highest level of encoding.

Logging into the mobile application is secured by OAuth2 protocol. The user’s password is not stored on the device. If the user loses or forgets their password, there is a recovery procedure launching option on the logging screen.

The devices are connected with a particular GreenID account. The data from the devices may be easily shared with various applications, as well as other users. The GreenID application allows for easy browsing of features of the devices related to the account and registration of new ones.

The user has full control over the applications and shared resources. The mobile applications installation is made by a simple installation tool. If an application does not exist in a particular system in a mobile version and it has its www version, then this version is launched. The user may share a device from the application or the very application itself.

Similar to the devices, there is a possibility of connecting external applications with the GreenID account. The mobile applications need not possess their own server systems, but they can use the GreenID architecture and GreenCloud resources. Apart from the basic information required by the OAuth2 protocol, the application is obliged to send also the information on environment in which it is launched. Thanks to the SSO (Single Sign On) system, it is possible to use several applications simultaneously with no need for separate logging in every single time.


Klaster Medycyna Przyszłości


Medicine of the Future Cluster


GreenMed application


W celu wspierania rozwoju metod telemedycznych podejmujemy działania w następujących dziedzinach:


Tworzymy nowoczesne systemy informatyczne wspierające zarządzanie i świadczenie usług zdrowotnych, a także promujemy wdrażanie narzędzi do monitorowania stanu zdrowia.


Wspieramy członków Klastra w zakresie rozwoju, wdrażania i promowania ich rozwiązań oraz realizacji wspólnych przedsięwzięć i projektów na poziomie światowym.


Dążymy do wspólnego tworzenia bazy produktów i ofert związanych z usługami medycznymi oraz do nawiązywania współpracy z uznanymi podmiotami zagranicznymi.


Promujemy świadomość zdrowotną poprzez tworzenie i promowanie programów profilaktyki chorób nowotworowych.


To support the development of telemedicine methods, we take actions in the following areas:


We create modern informational systems supporting management and healthcare services, and we also promote tools implementation for health condition monitoring.


We support all Members of our Cluster in terms of development, implementation and promotion of their solutions, realization of common enterprises and projects on a global scale.


We pursue to create a database of products and offers related to medical services. We also work on cooperation with recognized foreign entities.


We promote health consciousness through creation and promotion of cancer prevention programmes.